Youngster pays tribute to Noor Dubai

7 year old Khadija lost her sight but was saved from living in the dark by the Noor Dubai team. She had traveled all the way from Niger in West Africa to Dubai. She developed cataracts in both her eyes at a young age and would eventually go completely blind and, as a result, was forced to leave school. The family lacked the financial resources to get her the treatment she needed but even if they did have the money for the operation, they did not have access to the required medical professionals.

Her family feared their child would continue to live with her disability but with the arrival of the Noor Dubai team, their hopes would rise again. The medical camp, which focused on restoring sight, had a 3 step procedure which involved removing the cataract and replacing her lens with an artificial one. By the morning after the operation, Khadija was in search of her next book. She could not wait to return to her school and was ecstatic at the prospect of continuing her education.

The camp’s director Mohammed Fakhruddein emphasized the extreme difficulty of getting proper medical treatment in the town of Maradi where Khadija lived. He said unreliable transport and the fact that the town was 700 kilometers from the nearest airport made it difficult to reach. Additionally, there were extreme logistical problems that limited the supply of required medical equipment.