Abdu Ali Tahir - A tragic accident robbed him from his eyesight

At 20 years of age, Abdu Ali Tahir shares a unique experience, one he prays no other person has to go through.

Two years ago, the Yemeni was riding his motorcycle rickshaw, his only and worthwhile mode of earning a living, when a tragic road accident robbed him of his eyesight.

Tahir, who lives with his sisters, brother and mother in a modest host of two in the city of Bajil was lost-­‐-­‐not only of light but of conscience. He was his own man, looking after his family, especially sisters  and mother. Since the accidenhe noonly  lost his  waon  the  road, since  he was told to stay away from rickshaws, he had no way to prosper in life either.

``Shards of glass made me blind in the accident,'' Tahir said in an interview. ``My daily income of 800 to 1,000 Yemeni riyal suffered greatly. I had a life, and still I didn’t have a life.''

Tahir's mother, Ayesha, tried her best-­‐-­‐to get him doctors, help him wade his way across town or even rooms. But as fate would have it, financial constraints got the best of the family, whose smiles wiped off quicker than the weather changed.

His mother consultevarious doctors for his operation. They all shareher sympathies but not the crunch she felt from the lack of financial help, The family didn’t have the 25,000 to 30,000 Yemeni riyals they needed for Tahir's surgery-­‐-­‐an amount total to what he makes in a month.

Most of the time I stayed at home, I was fedup not more because of the vision but because my younger brother now had the burden of feeding the family," he said.

It was a friend who told Tahir about a free eye camp being organized by Noor Dubai.

All excited, Tahir jumped on the first vehicle he could find, and came straight to the camp with his mother. Seeing hundreds of people standing in, line he initially thought his turn will never come. "I just wanted to leap across and get in, I was so excited," he said. ``I wanted to jump straight into the OT."

And finally it happened! The big day came and Tahir's eyes were operated upon. Whether it was a success or not, Tahir himself had to wait for another 24 hours to find out. He was sent home, and told to return the following morning to have his bandages removed.

But before Dr. Aamir, his doctor who worked on ensuring his vision returned, could say anything, a gleaming Tahir gave him the thumbs up-­‐-­‐a victory that meant more than a thousand words.

"Thank God, and thank you Noor Dubai,'' a gleaming Tahir yelled as he couldn’t believe hwas seeing the light of another day, again.

The camp continued to entrain all-­‐-­‐treating hundreds in the same manner and sending all in the same manner, with eyes that glazed more than the moonlight in the sky.