A Tale of 2 Girls : Nour & Zeena

This time around, Nour and Zeena's journey back to Iraq was a different one for they were able to see their city clearly for the first time. Suffering from visual impairment since they were born, hope finally came to them through "Noor Dubai", where treatment was provided and the little girls were able to see.

The mothers explained the hardships they went through just to find help. "Right after her birth, her father and I discovered that our little girl suffered from separation of lenses which limited her vision greatly” said Rasmiya Tohma, mother of 8 year old Nour Hilal. "Nour is the youngest sibling to 3 boys who also suffered from the same condition. Her father was medically forced to retire and the means of providing became very difficult. We took the eldest to a hospital in Baghdad, where surgery was performed only for his eyesight to become worse. We lost hope in finding treatment for Nour after the consequences of her brother's surgery. However, Noor Dubai gave us much hope and my daughter was able to see after the surgery".

According to Atheer, Zeena's mother, her daughter was born with a disease that led to severe weakness in her sight. "We asked around between many hospitals in Iraq for the right treatment but this search came to no avail. One hospital offered us treatment for 20,000 Iraqi Dinars, which is too large a sum of money to afford. As you know my husband is merely a simple taxi driver and his salary barely covers our living expenses. So we borrowed money from our neighbors and my daughter underwent surgery but it was not a successful one. She added: “Her father and I felt demoralized thinking our daughter will never be able to attend school or even be able to play with her siblings.

"This is when Noor Dubai gave us hope again and provided my daughter with the treatment. My daughter has finally been cured and I am in awe every time I look into her eyes. I am very grateful for Noor Dubai," she continued.