Lost his vision because he didn’t have $3,000

“Noor Dubai restored my vision and my life, saved my future which I thought I had lost and spared my family from living on the streets” – Abdullahi Magna

Magna (a 27 year old from Burkina Faso) was diagnosed with cataract in both eyes. As the years passed, his vision would slowly fade. As a result of his inability to pay for surgery due to a monthly income which never exceeds $4, he was faced with a life devoid of light. As his eyesight worsened, he lost his job which not only supported him but also his debt-laden father and his aging grandmother.

For a year he lived in complete darkness in his father’s one room house and as delayed rent payments piled up, he would become desperate for a solution that would lift him from the darkness. Fortunately for Abdullahi, The Noor Dubai Foundation had organized an eye camp in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, not 7 kilometers from his house. He borrowed the money he needed to get to the camp (which was about 5$) and stood in line to be screened by the camp’s doctors.

His cataract, which occurred due to malnutrition and a lack of vitamins, was immediately diagnosed and he was prepped for surgery. The Noor Dubai team performed the surgery successfully and replaced his ocular lens with an artificial one which allowed him to see clearly again. The surgery was provided for free by the Noor Dubai Foundation but many others who were not so fortunate had to pay up to $3,000 for the same surgery.

Abdellahi spent the night at the camp due to the need to observe his case the next morning but as the day went on, he would linger in the camp. When asked by the team why he had not gone home, he replied “I do not possess the cost of transportation”. Upon hearing this, the team took him home in the van assigned to the camp. Upon reaching his home, they quickly realized that state of poverty he was living in. The house occupied by his entire family was no larger than 10 square meters. His elderly father was overjoyed to see that his son could see once again and continued to thank Noor Dubai’s team profusely for this life changing gift.