Cataract in both eyes since her early teens

“Where did you get the 15000 Rubies from?!” This was the first question Zameera Abdul Razzaq asked her mother as she told her that her surgery can be done.

 Zameera is 20 years old, the only daughter among 5 sons. The family lived in Khameso Khan Hattar at the outskirts of Kandiaro in Pakistan.

 She has been suffering from Cataract in both eyes since her early teens. As she was growing up Zameera learned to ignore her visual disability. But as the disability got worse she started noticing the difference between the little she saw and the normal that others around her saw.

 Zameera’s mother had heard about the Noor Dubai eye camp, she knew there is hope for her daughter, she just didn’t know when. Now, with Noor Dubai coming to Kandiaro, she doesn’t have to wait anymore.

 Zameera, her mother and little brother travelled to the camp area. The doctors decided to operate her right eye first and wait for full recovery before scheduling the second surgery for the left eye.

 Covered in her black shawl, Zameera waiting for her turn in the OR with a smile on her face. She knew she will see again, the comforting words of the camp doctors reassured her, gave her hope.

 Following her surgery, Zameera decided to go home, she felt comfort in her house with her mother and brothers. She returned the next day for her first check up after surgery.

As the doctor removed the bandage to examine her, Zameera gave him the thumbs-up.

 “I feel great” said Zameera, “ I can see again, I cant wait till Noor Dubai comes back again to operate my right eye”.