Success Stories


It is very important to train local ophthalmologists who will ensure the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the work in their areas because one ophthalmologist will be able to provide services to many in his own community.

By educating primary healthcare workers, teachers and mothers, they will be able to identify early signs that could lead to blindness in children.

Hence, educating the community as a whole is an important step in the prevention of global blindness.

Conferences & Seminars :

Noor Dubai Foundation realizes the importance of education in spreading knowledge and raising awareness about the prevention of blindness to the masses. Noor Dubai has supported conferences and participated in them such as:

  • DIHAD 2011
  • EOC 2010
  • EOC 2008


The Noor Dubai Foundation trains medical staff and volunteer groups such as physicians, primary care providers, teachers, mothers and students to detect eye diseases in their early stages and be able to manage them.