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Panel Discussion

Thursday May 05,2011

Art4Sight has contributed to raising awareness towards prevention of blindness, through the panel discussion moderated by His Highness Sultan Bin Saud Al Qassimi, founder of the Barjeel Foundation.

Mr. Guy Vesey, from Bonhams, joined the panel and explained " I'm sitting on the left because I'm blind in my left eye, and wouldn't be able to see otherwise. This initiative touches me personally." Mr. Vesey who suffered from an eye condition that affected his retina since childhood added “There is a wealth of talent with local artists here in the UAE.

His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Saud Al Qassimi ended the panel discussion by thanking all the artists and galleries who joined the Art4Sight initiative.

The Barjeel Foundation, Tashkeel, Ayyam Gallery, Carbon 12, Magic of Persia, Farjam collection and the organizers Art connection. He also thanked the audience who showed a lot of interested in volunteering and contributing to Noor Dubai.

NDF Team

The panel included H.H Sheikh Sultan, Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO and Board Member of Noor Dubai, Mr. Ramin Salsali a prominent Art collector currently living in Dubai and Mr. Guy Vesey from Bonhams.

The Panelists presented an overview of their connection with Art and how blindness has affected their lives. "We all know someone with a visual disability and know how it feels not being able to help" said Mr. Salsali. "The work that Noor Dubai does can only be appreciated if you have a family member suffering from a visual disability. My father suffered from Glaucoma so I know what this charity is about and I understand the impact it has on people's lives" added Mr. Salsali.

I moved my business to the UAE years ago, and I'm getting ready to establish an art museum in Dubai, to support Persian and middle eastern culture" said Mr. Salsali, "Dubai does not impose you to leave your culture, all cultures are very respected in Dubai which is a great platform for art development." he added.