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Noor Dubai Foundation honors AlDana Committee from DHA

Sunday June 12,2011

The Noor Dubai Foundation has awarded certificates of Appreciation to AlDana Committee from Rashid Hospital. The ceremony was attended by Khalid Ahmed AlShaikh (Deputy Director General of DHA) and Dr. Mohammed AlOlama ( Director of Hospital Services Sector) and Dr. Younis Kazim (Medical Director of Rashid Hospital) for their efforts and to further support voluntary work and community service.

During the ceremony that was held in the Headquarters of Dubai Health Authority, Khalid AlShaikh thanked the employees of aldana committee for all their efforts which will support projects in the fight against blindness within the UAE and abroad. He hailed the remarkable efforts made during the first Charity Market organized where the proceeds went to Noor Dubai Foundation. Such initiatives have positive ramifications for DHA and will encourage community service and charity work.

AlShaikh called upon the organizers of the initiative to increase their efforts in an attempt to apply such creative ideas and humanitarian initiatives across the authority. He also stressed that true awarding comes in seeing the fruits of the efforts and the positive impact it will have on the work.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of Noor Dubai went over the achievements of the Foundation since its establishment by Law during its first year and the support it received from different entities in order to activate its programs within and outside the UAE. Taryam thanked all the organizations and entities that supported the Noor Dubai Foundation especially the AlNoor Convoys treatment programs, which will be heading to Africa soon. "We have been blessed by the support that Noor Dubai Foundation received from the governmental and private sector which helped Noor Dubai become a leader in its fight against blindness globally," she added. She then thanked the Al Dana Committee members for their successful organization of the First Charity Market in Rashid Hospital stressing how a small donation can go along way especially that a cataract surgery, in a mobile eye camp, costs 8 USD and a pair of glasses costs 4USD.

Mrs. Ayesha Belregad AlFalasi, Senior Clinical Social Worker from DHA said:" The staff in DHA are careful to put effort into supporting charitable work under the guidance and leadership of our government. We learnt about giving and its rewards from our religion and from the traditions in the UAE. We grew up with the best demonstration of Charitable work through our leaders who never ceased to support those in need whether in the UAE or abroad. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai once said: "Philanthropy is very close to my heart and soul for its association with our noble humanitarian values and its connection with our heritage and religion and with great leaders who taught us the art of giving through actions and projects not words.

Ms. Mona AlMas, head of Customer Satisfaction and Chairwoman of AlDana Committee in Rashid Hospital said: "When we started organizing the Charity Market, we were careful to donate the proceeds to a charity that dealt with diseases and their prevention. This year, we decided that Noor Dubai's cause was very noble and it deserved the proceeds of the charity market. Therefore, as staff from the DHA who understand the suffering of blindness, we hope that our support will help those who need an operation or medication or even glasses".

We, at Rashid Hospital, are very keen to support such ongoing projects and charities for the religious rewards and encourage all sectors within DHA to also support such noble and charitable causes. Finally we would like to thank Dr. Shawqi Khoury and Dr. Younis Kazem and Mr. Yousef Abdulrahman for their great support without whom the first charity market wouldn't have been successful.

The team that organized the First Charity Market included: Auesha Belregad AlFalasi, Mona AlMas, Hamad AlAttar, Yousef Ibrahim, Amina AlSarkal, Basma AlSuwaidi, Ayesha Salmeen, Naeema Rajab, Naseem AlMulla, and Suad Abdullah.