Success Stories


On behalf of all the employees at the Noor Dubai Foundation, allow me to welcome you to the new Official Website of the Noor Dubai Foundation, a Dubai-based charitable organization, with a voice echoing through the darkness and a vision of a world free from curable forms of blindness.

We have come a long way since our inception in 2008. We have surpassed the expectations and have reached out to over 5.8 million individuals worldwide. Our efforts are enormous yet our intention remains simple: to assist those in need from losing the precious gift of sight and prevent them from sinking further into a world of complete darkness, idleness and hopelessness.

Every time the team prepares itself to embark on yet another journey to fulfill the strategy, I am reminded of the faces of the all previous patients we have visited and been able to help with little miracles whether in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, etc. You see, our trips around the world have always been an eye opening experience. They gave us moments and they give us occasions of surprise, delight and fulfillment.

For example, during our trip to Burkina Faso, we were amazed by the immense kindness that the country's citizens showed us and their insistence on sharing what little they had. The flooded plains of the Sindh Province in Pakistan further emphasized the importance of our work in developing countries. We realized that the reconstruction efforts will require contributions from every person living in these communities and abroad. And as a charity, we have been instructed by our wise leadership to spare no effort in delivering help to those in need.

As an organization, we believe in empowering individuals to become useful members in their societies and time after time we are able to witness the miracles and their progress. Often in our daily lives, we tend to overlook what is truly important. We forget how blessed we are for having our health, our loved ones, food, shelter and all basic requirements to live respectfully. We may even fail to realize the importance of the gift of vision, of being able to see life roll beautifully ahead of us.

Whether a supporter, patient or simply a fan, we hope you enjoy browsing our website.

We hope you get inspired by the Noor Dubai story the same way our work inspires us every day.

Dr. Manal Omran Taryam, MD

Chief Executive Officer
Noor Dubai Foundation